The MPS Vision

For the Future

Maxx Pro Solutions sees a clean future for all who us the public transport network Australia wide. Through environmentally friendly products and tailor made solutions to specific industries, we too with our partners can create the ultimate experience for the end user.

Our Why

We believe in a clean public transport system for Australia.

Everything we do we do to challenge the standard of the cleaning and maintenance industry.

As a company we think, act and communicate differently. The way we challenge the status quo is by offering a level of service and experience that is so unique it can only be found in our organisation. As a result we happen to be incredible  at cleaning and maintenance solutions.


Maxx Pro Solutions Australia is the industry leader in contractual cleaning for the public transport network across Australia, including trams, trains and buses.

MPS was established in 2015 after our leading automotive after-market brand Australian Dealer Solutions Group “ADSG” identified an immediate requirement to diversify into the maintenance network space and provide large scale cleaning solutions. This was to encompass mass-scale cleaning and refurbishment of the public transport network system in workable time frames that would not affect service or cause interruption or delays to the end user.

Achieving and maintaining these results is a direct reflection of the commitment to open communication, accountability and commitment to worlds best practice from both MPS and our business partners. This specifically targets both the quality of results desired by the business and their end users experience.

Our close working relationship with our business partners has enabled MPS to clearly identify both adhoc and scheduled cleaning and maintenance requirements that arise, and to facilitate a range of tailor-made solutions to comply with our client’s ongoing needs.

At MPS we pride ourselves on two things; firstly, to produce a quality, long lasting product; and secondly our ability to meet and exceed our client’s deadlines.